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The Sincerely Yours Florist website – is designed to make it easy for you to become familiar with our services and to help you gain the benefits of purchasing beautifully designed and decorated floral gifts for all occasions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere at anytime.

Our website is neatly organised into relevant sections to help you find what you are looking for.

This section briefly outlines how the site is structured and also explains some of the important sections/departments in order to help you find what you are looking for, and to make your shopping experience with Sincerely Yours Florist – as pleasurable as possible.

  • About Sincerely Yours Florist Online – Sincerely Yours Florist Online – is the online arm or our Floral Design Services Company, which has been designed and developed to make it more convenient for our many customers to do business with us. We are strong believers of the Internet and are pleased to use it to make our services and growing product range available to you - always. Our online store is designed to inform our customers about our company and the products and services we offer, and to allow you to shop with us directly online.

    By using our online store –, which is designed to allow you to shop for floral and gift solutions securely from anywhere that you have Internet access (anywhere, at anytime, 24/7), you are able to order directly from us from home, from your office, at the airport etc.

    Our website also allows you to view our catalogue of arrangements, those that we are able to design or have designed for satisfied clients in the past. As a highly functional online store, lets to Bowse Our Growing range, Register As a Shopper, Place Orders, either by Phone, Fax, Credit Card, or Cheque etc., Send a ‘Wish-List to Friend’, Monitor Your Order and much more.

  • Our Catalogue – the Sincerely Yours Florist online catalogue has been neatly organised into highly relevant departments e.g. Occasion, Recipient and Life Style etc., to try and make it as easy as possible to select an appropriate arrangement. We find that our customers are able to find what they like once they have seen some examples of products that suit their requirements, and so we have gone to all extents to make this possible.

    For Example, you may be looking for a floral arrangement for your mother in-law, this can be easily found in -> Recipient -> Mother/Grandmother/Aunt. On occasion, you may find similar products in different departments; we often do this if we feel that a particular arrangement or gift is well suited to other areas.

  • Searching Engine – the Sincerely Yours Florist on-line store is highly organised and designed to help you search for products fast. Our built in product Search Engine lets you search for the specific item you are looking for fast and effectively, helping you locate what you need in seconds. We are constantly refining this to reflect your searching queries – more

  • Customer Service Section – the Sincerely Your Florist website offers a helpful Customer Service Section which is predominantly designed to provide helpful information on how to use our online store to make purchases and find what you are looking for. While this Help Section provides general information about Sincerely Yours Florist Online, our Online Customer Service Section (department) provides more specific and practical information on matters relating to Delivery, Packaging, Security, Searching for Products, Returns Policy, Privacy Policy etc. more

  • Sincerely Yours Florist Wedding Services - is a specialist Wedding Floral Design and Consultation service that is specially focused on addressing the individual requirements of your wedding. With flowers being such an important part of any and all weddings, Sincerely Yours Florist offers a highly personal service to this market. Through Sincerely Yours Wedding, we guarantee the absolute best in Wedding Floral Communication and Design. more

  • Sincerely Yours Florist Corporate Services – is a Corporate Floral service specially designed to make it easy for businesses to experience the benefits of sending and receiving flowers. We understand the impact that flowers can have in any business setting, whether to say thank you to a new client, reward a loyal one or create an uplifting environment in the office. The convenience and quality of our floral service, will add great value to any business. more