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Registration Information

The Sincerely Your Florist website – registration section lets you register online.

Buy registering online we are able to recognise you as a registered customer and you are able to experience the special benefits of being a registered member such as Special Member Discounts, Special Surprise Member Offers, Express ‘Checkout’ Service and Online Order Tracking.

It is not necessary for you to register in order to shop with us online, but we recommend it as it makes it much for easier for you to use our online service because it saves you time and qualifies you to receive various member benefits offered.
Whether you are a Corporate or a Retail Customer you are able to use or registration section to become a member.

In order to register, all you have to do is go to Login and click on New User.
This will automatically take you to a registration form that lets you register online.
The form asks a small series of required questions such as Name, User Name and Password, and it may also ask you various other questions (usually not compulsory to register) which help us get a better understanding of our customers and their needs.

You will notice that the is an additional field titled Registration Key.
Unless you have been given a special registration key for special purposes, you can leave this blank.

Once you have entered your details in the boxes provided, you will then be Registered automatically with the Sincerely Yours Florist online store –

Your details are sent to our server only and not anywhere else. If you indicate below that you do not wish to receive e-mail newsletters, we can assure you that you will not, however for those that indicate yes, chances are that you will receive special offers from time to time such as discounts, part of our appreciation for being our valued customer.