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Searching Help

Sincerely Yours Florist’s online store contains a built in Search Engine designed to help you find what it is that you are looking for.

Simply enter a few words into the search box which is located on the left hand side of every page, and all matching products will be listed.

In case you can not find what you are looking for, we also offer an Advanced Search Feature that lets you type in specific information such as Product Code, Department, Price Range, Season etc., and basically any other information that has been associated to the product (as a Property) for more information and for your convenience.

To make it easy as possible for our customers to find what they are looking for we have included various Properties to each product that associates it with related needs or relevancy – For Example – assuming that the Plant Conditions are Indoor – this is associated with a product, a search for Indoor will find all the items that contain this property.

Tips for Searching

Roses - will bring up all Roses items

Roses & Bears - will bring up all Roses items plus Roses and Bears and every other item containing bears.

To confine your search to Roses & Bears only, use Advanced Search. If you know the exact description, type Roses & Bears in Description, or select the type from the drop down list and type Bears against Description. Make sure that you check the Match All Specified Criteria Box.

You can shortcut the descriptions also. For example – 'Ros' will match all Roses and Yellow Long-stem Roses also, basically all the items containing 'Ros'.