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Security Help

The Sincerely Yours Florist Online Store – employs powerful online security methods to ensure the total security of our customers in their dealings with us. This enables our customers to shop online with complete confidence.
The following information pertains to industry standard measures that have been undertaken for maximum protection.

  • Authenticated login
    Logging in to place orders brings you to a password-protected area where your details are kept.
  • Secure connection when entering sensitive information
    Our website uses industry standard 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect all information provided by you to us. This means that information such as credit card details are encrypted so that the shop owner alone can decode them.
  • Secure storage of information
    Once confirmed, order information is stored and encrypted at a much higher level to make it hack-proof. When sent to the owner, the information remains encrypted in such a manner that only the shop owner can decrypt it.

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